The ultimate sustainable luxury

Our finest wool and cashmere blend is from a family run firm in Northern italy, deeply rooted in its territory and is committed to ensure full product traceability of the fibres used for its yarns and fabrics.

The factory uses the most advanced technologies in modern manufacturing. Energy for production comes from a hydroelectric plant and photovoltaic panels, and the factory also purifies the water used in production.

Garment care

Composition: 90% wool, 10% cashmere

Handle with care and air out after use. The natural fibres are naturally anti-bacterial and do not easily take up odours.

We recommend using a hand steamer to iron out creases as well as steaming away any unwanted odours and bacteria. It is only as a very last resort that this coats should go to dry cleaning. And in that case please ask for an ecofriendly treatment.