Our signature collection - beautiful, durable, versatile and equally friendly to your skin as to the environment.

The core collection forms the essence of our Esperance brand.

To satisfy and surpass optimum design and quality standards, each item has been rigorously tried, tested and refined to perfection.

Extra fine merino & tencel

We are proud to offer you the ultimate in eco-friendly and machine-washable clothing in a blend of Merino wool and Tencel

  • It can be worn directly against sensitive skin, as it keeps skin dry while remaining soft to the touch.
  • Comforting levels of warmth, as well as breathability ensuring temperature regulation.
  • Its natural anti-bacterial properties will help you stay fresh.
  • Merino is finer than most sheep’s wool. This gives it a reassuringly soft texture reducing itchiness normally associated with traditional wool. An ideal base layer worn directly against the skin.

The signature pieces and colours of the collection are timeless and purposefully created for all seasons and occasions.