About Esperance

Esperance was born out of founder, Silje Augustson’s vision to provide beautifully crafted and versatile essentials tailored to the lifestyle of empowered women today.

The modern woman today handles a multitude of things at once. She pursues career opportunities whilst running marathons. She combines social events and travel alongside spiritual and personal self-improvement. At every turn there is a task to be accomplished, obstacles to overcome, sometimes battles to be won, and always loved ones to cherish.
Her life is a kaleidoscope of settings and reflected in that is the need for garments which allow her to not only shift seamlessly between them but feel at her most confident whilst doing so.

Esperance provides distinct intelligently crafted garments inspired by the feeling of ‘bien-etre’ of yogawear. It marks the era of a new feminine min­imalism curated for versatility and graceful elegance.

Each piece combines rich fabrics cut into fluid silhouettes and stitched for comfort and statuesque appeal. Engineered to move seamlessly with its wearer, the garments offer palpable luxury to the touch, timelessly elegant fits, and a canvas for endless self-expression.

As advocates of slow fashion, and because we believe that less is the new more, our core collection focuses on essential wardrobe staples available in a clean colour palette which combines functionality with sophistication. The materials selected align with our Esperance philosophy, enabling garments to last year after year without creasing or losing shape.