Our relationships with our suppliers are absolutely key

At Esperance we have a strong sense of end-to-end transparency with regard to our quality, our eco-friendliness and our relationships with our suppliers. Tantamount to our success is the quality of our fabrics, the cut and fit of our garments and the know-how that goes into producing comfortable yet utterly elegant and well-fitting clothing.

For this to happen we decided right from the beginning to work solely with local, family-run, ethical businesses with a long history of tradition and rigorous adherence to producing quality items that last a life-time. We know our factories well and since we source our materials ourselves we aso know our suppliers well.

We know the attention to detail they devote to producing each one of our garments and value their insight. We appreciate and encourage their efforts towards sustainability and the fair treatment of their staff. These are the relationships we cultivate and promote when designing our collection.